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EUT Fire/EMS Department
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Monthly Fire/Squad Runs


379 Squad Runs

81 Fire Runs

28 Mutual Aid

2309.50 Total Run Hours

801.50 Additional Training Hours


197 Squad Runs

30 Fire Runs

15 Mutual Aid

1043.00 Total Run Hours

571.00 Additional Training Hours

April 2019

33 Squad Runs

3 Fire Runs

2 Mutual Aid

120.00 Total Run Hours

66.00 Additional Training Hours

May 2019

36 Squad Runs

6 Fire Runs

2 Mutual Aid

174.00 Total Run Hours

78.00 Additional Training Hours

June 2019

32 Squad Runs

1 Fire Run

2 Mutual Aid

157.00 Total Run Hours

96.00 Additional Training Hours

East Union Township Fire Department

Apple Creek Fire Web Site

Apple Creek Volunteer Fire Department
& Emergency Squad
3400 S. Apple Creek Road
Apple Creek, Ohio 44606
Chief Jim Zimmerman
Assistant Chief Dave Compston
Firefighters & EMT'S

Jim Barnes (Honary)

Buddy Lebold

Charles Lewis

Nevin Bott (Honary)

Jacob Burkholder

Willie Buss (Honary)

Kendal Mast

Dale Orr (Honary)

Brent Carr

Jerry Christman

Megan Orr

Bill Page (Honary)

James Pealer

Dan Cross

Caitlin Compston

Josh Raymond

Mike Raymond

Matt Compston

Larry Reber (Honary)

David Durstine

Justin Sands

Bobby Schmitt

Jared Durstine

Les Durstine

Nathan Garver

Dan Geiser (Honary)

Brian Stoffer

Steve Stoffer

Amanda Gorfi

Drew Gorfi

Larry Hackett (Honary)

Ben Troyer

Eli Troyer

Chris Hardman

Tracy Harrold

Keith Holcombe

Jason Troyer
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Sue Holley (Honary)

Reuben Troyer

Amanda Kapper

Ann Kline (Honary)

Bill Whitemore

Brian Knox

Gerald Knox (Honary)

Jason Woodruff

Jerry Knox (Honary)

Karmyn Knox

Lane Knox

Michelle Knox

Peter Lauffenberger



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